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Hello Community,

The time has come: GainSpot is being phased out and integrated into BlockRock ⚠️

Please do not buy or sell GAIN$ tokens anymore. The fees have been increased to 99% to prevent transactions. We are taking this step to reduce our workload and focus our resources on a larger project. Your GAIN$ tokens will be exchanged for BRO$ at an equal value. To proceed with the exchange, please send your GAIN$ tokens to the following address:


Attention: The final deadline for the exchange is June 1, 2024.
Anyone who does not exchange their GAIN$ tokens by this date will forfeit their right to compensation. Please share this information and inform your friends and acquaintances.


Our team will transfer part of GainSpot’s assets to BlockRock’s portfolio. Another portion will be sold to increase and stabilize the value of BRO$. The liquidity we extract from GainSpot will be used to purchase BRO$ tokens and compensate GAIN$ holders.

BlockRock fees will be adjusted during the transition phase to prevent abuse and manipulation. Thanks to the merger, we expect a significant increase in the BRO$ price.

During the transition phase, the sales fees will be set at 25% and then reduced by 1% every week. BlockRock also plans to lower fees in the long term. By the end of the transition phase, fees will stabilize at 5% for buying and 7% for selling.

Our team is currently developing a new, independent project that is not connected to BlockRock. It’s going to be exciting!

Our Ecosystem


Main Project (BSC)
Symbol: BRO$



2nd Project (BSC)
Symbol: GAIN$


Bros & Gains

Expansion Project (ETH)
Symbol: BRAIN$
Starts on May 22nd, 2024


GainSpot operates on the same successful system of BlockRock, but focuses more on investing in smaller and riskier projects. Watch our explainer videos and read through the project descriptions.


Circle Gain$


Community Capital
$ 0
Market Cap
0 K
You want to buy GAIN$ or BRO$ tokens but don't know how? Our members will help you personally.


All of the following assets are owned by the GainSpot community and were built using only collected transaction fees. Each GAIN$ token reflects a share of the community assets.

Total Community Capital

$ 220,603

Buyback / Burns

Buybacks: $ 23,402 / 67,059,898 GAIN$
Burns: 67,059,898 GAIN$ (6,70% of total supply)

Community Assets & Reserves

$ 45,533

Weekly Investment Reportings

One of the key features of GAIN$ is its commitment to transparency. The project offers detailed documentation that includes all important project developments and investment-reportings. This information is updated on a weekly basis to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest developments.


WhatsApp Channels & Groups

All important information are shared in the GainSpot WhatsApp groups. This groups are public. In this groups, members can submit investment proposals and discuss future investments with the community.

Telegram Channels & Groups

All important information are shared in the GainSpot Telegram groups. This groups are public. In this groups, members can submit investment proposals and discuss future investments with the community.

On our Discord server you will also find all important information and news about BlockRock and GainSpot.


Development 50%

50% of the transaction fees are allocated towards development. These funds are used for additional liquidity on trading platforms, marketing campaigns, and expanding the team. This helps to ensure that the project is constantly improving and evolving to meet the needs of its users.

Investments 50%

50% of transaction fees are made available for the community to invest in various crypto assets. The project has a well-defined investment strategy that allocates funds to different assets. The strategy includes 7.5% in BTC, 7.5% in ETH, 5% in BNB, 40% in ALTCOINS, and 40% in LPS. This diversified approach helps to minimize risk and maximize returns for the community.

Buy 8% | Sell 10%



Concept development

Team building

Website programming

Social media channels launch

Cryptocurrency programming

Private Presale

Start on "PancakeSwap"

500 GAIN$-Holder


first Investments in farms and coins

First buybacks and burns

1.000 GAIN$-Holder

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coingecko Listing

Marketing campaigns

$100.000 Community Crypto Portfolio


5.000 GAIN$-Holder

Launch of BlockRock & GainSpot (BRAINS) on Ethereum

Increase of marketing campaigns

GainSpot DApp for votings

$250,000 Community Crypto Portfolio


10.000 GAIN$-Holder

Launch on BlockRock blockchain

Planning of further steps

Visit our main project Blockrock

Blockrock is the first part of the Blockrock ecosystem. All of Blockrock’s resources and experience benefit Gainspot. Visit us and convince yourself of our successful systems.


The team behind the project is continuously growing and working voluntarily to give BlockRock and GainSpot a structure. They have no advantages over a normal holder and work for the benefit of the community, not for their own personal gain. Every BRO$ and Gains token holder can also become an official team member.